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Top 4 Best Affordable Kid’s Wardrobe in India 2020

Kid’s wardrobe

Kid’s can often get very fussy with respect to their clothes and can have vague demands of all
sorts! Parents go to any level to see a sweet smile on their child’s face by gifting a best kid’s wardrobe keeping so many clothes is very important ! So today let’s looking at the best wardrobes for babies. No
more stressing upon unorganized and messy room’s of your kid.

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1) Iris portable plastic kids wardrobe for babies.

Iris portable plastic kids wardrobe for babies.

Product Features:-

  • This kids plastic wardrobe is made of resin.
  • The base of the kids wardrobe is thickened and widened.
  • It comes in four different themes so your kid can choose his favourite kids wardrobe!
  • It is completely detachable and you can either increase
  • decrease its height simply by
    removing or adding drawers making

About This Item:-
This closet is a perfect buy for your child and can serve as a perfect kids wardrobe. It has a perfect cosy and attractive look which the kids would definitely love. The kids wardrobe is well equipped to store clothes, toys and books. It has 4 spacious drawers and 2 cabinets meant for storage . Moreover, it has an amazing added features, the height of the kid’s wardrobe is adjustable which could enable you to adjust the height according to your child’s convenience! Let’s have a look at some of the best features of this product.

2) Akhand enterprises 8 door kids wardrobe

Akhand enterprises 6 door kids wardrobe

Attractive features of this kids wardrobe

  • It is DIY and you can easily assemble and detach it easily!
  • This portable kids wardrobe is extremely light in weight product
  • This plastic kids wardrobe is made of resin and has a steel frame.
  • It consists of durable and bullet-proof steel

About This Item:-

This is a beautiful pink coloured Mickey mouse themed 6 door kids plastic wardrobe for baby girls. This is a wonderful DIY product, you need not depend on anyone to assemble your kids wardrobe! It has enough space to fit in your kid’s shoes, toys, clothes and books and cater all the needs . This attractively coloured product can be a perfect wardrobe for your baby girl.

3) Luzer waterproof 8 door kids wardrobe plastic design for baby

Luzer waterproof 8 door kids wardrobe plastic design for baby 

Salient features:-

  • It is a DIY product and can be arranged in different ways to cater to different sorts of
    storage needs
  • This kids wardrobe has a touch of class and can beautify any room with its glossy
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble following the guidelines provided in the user friendly

About This Item:-

Made of high quality polyprene sheet this kids plastic wardrobe is a very elegant looking kids wardrobe for storing all your kids belongings and cater to the storage needs . This kids wardrobe provides your child with ample space for storage and adds an elegant touch to the room.

4) Aastha enterprise 8 door wardrobe for kid’s

Aastha enterprise 8 door wardrobe for kid's

Amazing features!

  • The main material used in this kids wardrobe is soft plastic sheet which is an extremely
    strong .
  • Its can be assembled easily and at a quick pace.

About This Item:-

This specific plastic kids wardrobe has a pallet of colors on which would seem extremely attractive to your kid. It is highly affordable when compared to it’s counterparts. This kid’s wardrobe comes in five different colors and is worth a buy!

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